In making these works, I let certain things play an important role. The structure has the greatest importance, which, largely due to its lack, will lead its own life.
Each part is thus more or less assigned a free role. The presence of multiple parts, fragments, is an important element in the work. The role of each fragment aspect is its indeterminacy, a function that is difficult to reason. The choice of these images can only be explained on the basis of being and the related events. The collection of images, because the full range of possibilities cannot be overseen, is somewhat randomly chosen. they are also more or less interchangeable, but no less precisely chosen. The quality of the image lies in the fact that after processing it can be eliminated in terms of content and a substantive structure emerges. It is a system of addition and subtraction. An attempt to arrive at something more fundamental through perception, to the understanding.
The truth of being, the ground under your feet.